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Wendy's In Castle Rock, CO is Very Unique

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CastleRockBound's picture
Joined: 10/30/2012
Wendy's In Castle Rock, CO is Very Unique

Wendys 1 13

Castle Rock, CO, with all of its growth, has managed to maintain its “small town” charm. There is one unlikely place where you will find warmth and hospitality . . . Wendy’s Old Fashioned Hamburgers at 4611 Milestone Lane.On the outside it appears to be your typical fast-food restaurant with the girls in red pigtails. But on the inside you won’t find Wendy’s place . . . you will find “Tammy’s Place”, as her loyal customers call it.

Tammy Brooms is the 48 year old General Manager of Wendy’s Store #222. She has been with the company for 28 years and managed the Castle Rock location for the past 5. She greets everyone with a “Hello!” and a warm smile followed by “How are you doing today”? And she is truly interested in the answer. She knows most of her regular customers by name and gets to know the details of their lives. Such as the couple who stopped by the restaurant on their way to Colorado Springs, CO to celebrate their 49th wedding anniversary. The staff sang to them and Tammy bought their dinner before sending them on their way. Then there is the pastor from Larkspur, CO who regularly brings a group in. They ask him, “Are we going to Wendy’s?” and he answers, “No . . . we’re going to Tammy’s Place.” Or how about the group of disabled folks from Sky Cliff Care Center. (photo above) Their bus arrives every other week and Tammy knows them all by name. They often bring her little gifts and handmade items. She remembers names and details about her regular customers and even remembers what they usually order. When asked how she does this she says she must have a photographic memory, a gift she shares with her mom.

Her employees cherish her as much as her customers. They fondly call her “Mama.” She is not just their boss, but a confidant and friend. Tammy has no children of her own but cares for 7 step kids and hundreds of employees and customers who all call her “Mama”. The wall in her office is covered with photos of employees and customers. Kids who have gone off to college and write her letters. Customers who have moved away but still keep in touch. When asked why she is so caring she answers, “Because I LOVE people!”

Tammy and her staff have won many awards from the company over the years including Best Customer Service in 2011 out of 74 stores. But the best reward for Tammy is the relationships with the “family” she has built. She has a huge heart, is very outgoing and says, “If I don’t know you when you come in, I will know you before you leave.”

In a world of texting, Tweeting and Facebook where we “connect” with many “friends” we hardly know, Tammy connects with people the old fashioned way . . . by smiling, talking, and getting to know them personally. When you leave you often get a hug and an “I love you” that comes straight from the heart of this very special lady. Her customers truly are her family and you will feel like family too every time you visit Wendy’s on Milestone Lane in Castle Rock,

Happymom's picture
Joined: 12/23/2012
I Love Tammy!!

I eat at Wendy's frequently and just love Tammy and her staff! They always make you feel at home and it's kind of like "Cheers" . . . . the place where everybody knows you name! I have NEVER been to a fast food restaurant with such incredible, caring service. Pay them a visit!

Cinnamongirl's picture
Joined: 11/27/2012
What a fantastic article.

What a fantastic article.  And it is so great to run into people that really care at their job and people!  


Thank you Castle Rock Bound!  


Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty.  Anyone who keeps learning stays young. Henry Ford