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Neighbor & their loose dog

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Joined: 03/21/2013
Neighbor & their loose dog

Don't quite know what to do, maybe some who post here can offer some good suggestions..


We had a New Neighbor move in next door.  They sit on five acres but are still really close.  They seemed to be really nice people in the beginning.  They have a dog (lab mix) and a child.  We were told by both of these folks that if their dog  or child was playing on our property to let them know and they would put a stop to it... Well out of the blue our dog started jumping the fence.  Couldn't figure out why,  We decided to put up our game camera facing our property and where we thought our dog jumping out at.  Low and behold what does our camera reveal, but their dog and kid playing on our property. I sent the pics. to them via email with a nice, polite note asking them to take care of this.  They (she) has thrown a absolute fit..  Her concern was whether the pics I sent were in order or not??  Not that her dog and kid were playing on PRIVATE PROPERTY..  Don't know how to make sure this stops.  The last thing we need is for their kid to get hurt over here or our dog running loose and getting in trouble.  But we don't want to alianate these folks either.


Thanks for any and all advice...