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Larkspur to Vote on Retail Marijuana Sales April 8, 2014

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CastleRockBound's picture
Joined: 10/30/2012
Larkspur to Vote on Retail Marijuana Sales April 8, 2014

retail pot

Petitioners are hoping Larkspur residents approve measures on the April 8 ballot that would allow for retail marijuana sales in the town and potentially put money into the pockets of residents.

James McVaney helped Larkspur resident Michelle Burhenn file petition referendums against the town's moratorium on retail marijuana, made legal in 2012 by Amendment 64 to the state constitution. Council either had to accept the ordinances, which would establish a retail marijuana industry and its regulatory scheme and set a 5 percent excise tax, or send it to a vote of the people. The council chose the latter earlier this year.

Burhenn could not be reached for comment.

McVaney said he lives about 10 miles west of Larkspur in Cherry Park. His group, the Cannabis Patients Alliance, helped overturn a similar ban in Idaho Springs last year.

That 5 percent excise tax would result in the first $45,000 collected annually going to town government, and because of the way it's written with regard to restrictions of the Taxpayer Bill Of Rights, the remainder would be split among the town's registered voters.

"That's potentially a lot of money going back to people in their pocket because there's only 120 registered voters in Larkspur and those are the only people eligible to receive any tax refund from that," he said.

McVaney said he thinks because of the income enhancement potential for residents, and the jobs potentially coming to town, the ordinances will be voted in.

"It's all about giving the people of Larkspur a higher quality of life by giving them more money," McVaney said. "They don't have that right now."

Douglas County residents overwhelmingly voted against medical marijuana and retail marijuana. If the ordinances passed, Larkspur would be the only community in Douglas County to approve retail marijuana. All municipalities, and the county, have banned retail marijuana stores.

"I don't know if people have changed in town or not," said Larkspur Mayor Gerry Been. "My prediction is it could go 50-50, I don't know which way it will go."

Been said he wouldn't go on the record with his personal feelings about retail marijuana, but said he doesn't see a new industry bringing many risks or dangers.

"It's here, it's everywhere," Been said. "The only danger we would have would be more traffic, that's the only increased danger I really see."

Read more: Larkspur could rake in revenue from retail marijuana - The Denver Post


Tim1234's picture
Joined: 03/24/2013
I think this could

I think this could potentially make Larkspur, CO the marijuana hub of Douglas County. Do they really want the 2 things Larkspur is known for to be Renaissance Festival and Marijuana sales?? Do they relly want the potential for crime that comes along with this? I hope the money is worth possibly ruining the charm of their small town.

Cinnamongirl's picture
Joined: 11/27/2012
You know I just do not get

You know I just do not get this whole MJ thing.  Money is not worth it.  Kids have more access now to drugs (and it is a drug).  It is not a miracle drug either.  

And why is everyone so darn happy about it making money for the state.  This is a very interesting twist on the new Colorado 

Mile High MJ law.  WOW.  I did not know this about Larkspur.  I am guessing when this all gets out their poplation is going to increase!   notlistening:


Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty.  Anyone who keeps learning stays young. Henry Ford


Joined: 03/21/2013
I really think this is a BAD

I really think this is a BAD idea.. I don't care if the population and money increases for Larkspur, to me it's just a BAD idea. It is going to bring in an element that isn't needed and once it's here, it's here for good.  there won't be any backsies..or do overs..

Joined: 01/24/2013
New2DoCo . . . I have been

New2DoCo . . . I have been here 26 years and I totally agree! Larkspur is a small, quaint town, withour a lot of businesses. I heard that there are 4 places interested in selling marijuana! And yes . . . once it's there, no turning back. What if it's a disaster? You're stuck with it. I have one friend who's lived in Larkspur for 20 years and will move if this is approved. What will happen to the quality of life there? I do not live there now, but I did for 3 years in the 90's. I now live in Castle Rock. We did have a "Medical Marijuana" shop for a short time before it was legalized. The funny thing was, I watched what looked like mostly young people (alot looked underaged) going in and out of the store. Most who probably had no medical problems but found out how to get a card. I'm very glad the Town of Castle Rock banned this type of business! I don't mind what people do in their own homes, but let them go to Denver to do business! This type of business is not for a small, family oriented town. Not long ago we had 4 suicides of DCHS students! Do we really need easier access to another addiction option for our young people? As a community, do we want to put our stamp of approval on marijuana use? I do not.

Joined: 03/21/2013
I really hope that it is

I really hope that it is voted down..  It is going to take that.. We moved this direction as it is quite, clean, calm and for the most part PEOPLE are pleasant.  We love going into Larkspur and stopping for a pizza and a beer and really hate to think of it changing in anyway.


I do believe there are other businesses that would be good for Larkspur, but the POT TRADE isn't them.  there will be parking issues, crime, trash and yes people will come from parts unknown to partake and purchase. I agree, if you want to par-take go to Denver, buy it there and take it home.  Keep it away from your kids and mine!!


I say "vote NO"..


by the way it is nice to see I'm not the only one concerned...

Joined: 03/21/2013
Another thing or two I would

Another thing or two I would like to add .  these pot shops want to be open 7 days a week until mid-night.  Now if you are a working person who has to be up by 4-5 am. to take your commute to Denver, Fort Collins or even Castle Rock do you want the HUB-BUB of that next door to you?  What about the fact that there are NO F.B.I. back ground checks on these owners doesn't that just INVITE the (oh say) MOB OR DRUG CARTELS? I really just don't think it's worth it..

Joined: 03/21/2013
It was REALLY nice to see so

It was REALLY nice to see so many"NO" signs thru town today!!!!!!!!!!!!

CastleRockBound's picture
Joined: 10/30/2012
April 9, 2014 - The election

April 9, 2014 - The election results are in. The Town of Larkspur votes NO on all 3 ballot measures regardint the sale of marijuana in the town.

Joined: 03/21/2013


Joined: 07/17/2014
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