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Judge upholds Town’s election process, all claims dismissed

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Judge upholds Town’s election process, all claims dismissed

A legal challenge to the Town’s election process that arose late last year was resolved today when an 18th Judicial District Court Judge dismissed all claims against the Town.

Following a Town special election last August, resident Daniel Meurer and two issue committees, the Committee for Protection of our Second Amendment Rights and the Committee for Constitutional Rights, sued the Town over its election process. Today, all six of the plaintiffs’ claims were denied.

The judge affirmed:

• The election was conducted in conformance with the Town’s election code and Constitutional requirements

• There was no misconduct by election officials

• The Municipal Election Code did not apply to the Town as a home-rule municipality

• Secrecy sleeves were not required for this election

• The election judges properly discharged their responsibilities

• The rights of election watchers were not violated

General information about Town elections ¬– including districts, Council terms, and election results – can be found online at