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Holiday Burglary Prevention Tips

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Joined: 10/30/2012
Holiday Burglary Prevention Tips

Holiday Burglary Prevention Tips for Your Home

Thieves love houses full of holiday gifts, especially when no one's home. These tips can help prevent home burglaries.

Lock it, trim it: Lock all doors, and securely fasten windows. Specifically, use deadbolt locks, and place metal rods or wooden dowels in the tracks of sliding doors. Trim bushes and trees so they don't provide cover for burglars.

Keep up appearances: Don't post social media updates (or notes on your front door!) revealing you're not at home. When you're out, make your home appear occupied by using timers on lights, radios or TVs.

Out of sight, out of mind: Avoid displaying holiday gifts so they can be easily seen through windows. Schedule package deliveries for times that you're home. After the holidays, break down boxes for high-value gifts so they fit in your garbage can and are not visible.

Neighborhood watch: When you're away from home for extended periods, have a trusted neighbor keep an eye on things, and stop mail and newspaper deliveries.

Get American Family Insurance's DreamVault app: Use the home inventory tool to create a secure, online record of your belongings, including holiday gifts! Then, if you ever have a claim or need to report something stolen, the information is accessible from your computer, iPhone or Android device

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Joined: 11/27/2012
Great tips! 

Great tips! 


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