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Event Will Raise Money for School Safety Program

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Event Will Raise Money for School Safety Program

BBQ BRews & Banjos photo

The country/bluegrass music of Grass it Up will float through the air Aug. 23 at BBQ, Brews and Banjos, presented by the Rotary Club of Castle Pines. The critically acclaimed band, based in Colorado Springs, includes band members David Jeffrey on mandolin and guitar; Shannon T. Carr on guitar, harmonica and banjo; Jon Bross on bass; and Jim Marsh on banjo.

The first-time event in Larkspur will benefit the Douglas County Sheriff's Youth Education and Safety in Schools program as well as youth programs of Rotary Club of Castle Pines Foundation Inc.


Youth Education and Safety in Schools program is a nonprofit educational program in the Douglas County School District that strives to teach youths in the community how to recognize difficult situations and avoid becoming a law enforcement statistic. The program's mission statement calls it “a proactive collaborative partnership with law enforcement, schools and community developing life skills in today's youth and tomorrow's leaders.”

With the continued advances in technology and social media along with living in a state that has legalized marijuana, children today face many more temptations, obstacles and responsibilities than their parents did at their age. YESS aims to assist parents and the school district in meeting the needs of educating youth, however, with minimal man power, budget and a continual changing landscapes it is difficult to meet all the needs.

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