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Council further regulates marijuana cultivation, effective this month

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CastleRockBound's picture
Joined: 10/30/2012
Council further regulates marijuana cultivation, effective this month

Pot Ban

In an effort to address health and safety concerns related to marijuana cultivation, Town Council unanimously approved a series of changes to Town Code, restricting cultivation.

During its meeting May 19, Council voted 7-0 to approve an ordinance amending a portion of Town Code and adding a new chapter related to marijuana growth. The changes go into effect June 18.

The changes include:

• Marijuana can only be cultivated in a person’s primary residence

• Cultivation area cannot exceed 32 square feet nor 10 feet in height

• Area must be fully enclosed and locked

• Cultivation may not occur in a kitchen, bathroom, primary bedroom or any accessory building

• Cultivation cannot occur in common areas of a multifamily or attached residential development

• Cultivation lighting is limited to LEDs, CFLs or fluorescent lighting

• Use of compressed gas (carbon dioxide or butane) or flammable solvents is prohibited

• Cultivation area must include a ventilation and filtration system, ensuring that odors are not detectable beyond the property line

• Cultivation must comply with all applicable building and fire codes

• All chemicals (including pesticides and fertilizers) must be rated for indoor residential use

• Cultivation activity shall not adversely affect the health and safety of nearby residents

• Renters must have written permission from their property owners

Violations of the new ordinance could mean a $1,000 fine or up to one year in jail. Those with questions about compliance with this ordinance can contact Castle Rock Police Sgt. Tim Ratcliff, or 303-663-6122.

In response to community feedback, Town Council directed staff in mid-February to work on this ordinance. The ordinance was before the Public Safety Commission in early April and before the Planning Commission in late April. Town Council cannot completely restrict marijuana use and growth, because it is constitutionally protected in Colorado with the passage of Amendment 64.


Colorado Native
Joined: 02/01/2013
Oh great.  I knew it was just

Oh great.  I knew it was just a matter of time. I am sure kids will start getting in this stuff.  Regulate it like alcohol