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Bake a pie or devour a slice at Castle Rock’s inaugural pie baking competition

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Joined: 10/30/2012
Bake a pie or devour a slice at Castle Rock’s inaugural pie baking competition

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It's that festive time of year where families gather around to enjoy good company, hearty food, and most importantly, pie! Do you have what it takes to rise to the occasion? Don't be afraid to take whisks. Join us 10:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 4, at the Millhouse at Philip S. Miller Park for the Town's inaugural pie baking competition!

The Pie Bake-off is open to all bakers. There will be two categories for judging: fruit and non-fruit pies. Pies will be assessed based on appearance, crust, filling and overall flavor and taste.


Registration is now open. Visit and scan for class No. 30099. There is a $25 entry fee and the event will be limited to 50 contestants.

Judging will begin at 11:30 a.m. Following the judging, all pies will be sold by the slice and whole pies will be auctioned off. Want to gobble-up some great pie? You are in luck as you can buy a pie from one of Castle Rock’s finest pie bakers. Bring the whole family to Castle Rock’s pie extravaganza, along with your appetite.

Learn more about the Pie Bake-off at