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ABC Special on Castle Rock "Murder for Hire" Case to Air This Sunday

Christopher Wells

Christopher Wells, accused of ordering a hit on his wife and brother-in-law in 2011,pleaded guilty to two counts of first degree murder on May 22, 2012 at Douglas County Justice Center. ( Denver Post file photo)

This Sunday, there will be a FOLLOW UP to this COLORADO story:


The "Murder for Hire" case happened on Feb. 23, 2011 in Castle Rock resulting in the murder of two people.

Almost two years later, ABC 20/20 film crews had numerous trips to Castle Rock in the last 2 months to cover this tragedy and filmed 2 segments in Castle Rock at the Theatre of Dreams.

This T.V. Special is to air on Sunday, Feb. 17, 2013 called "Rocky Mountain Revenge - Revenge for Real". The ABC 20/20 Sunday Special will be at 9 pm Mountain Time or 10 pm ET following the popular t.v. show "Revenge" this coming weekend.

Interviews with Castle Rock detectives will be included as well as interviews with the family of the victims. The murderer, Christopher B. Wells, 50, was a former Chippendales dancer and a recreation of a Chippendales scene was filmed at Theatre of Dreams in Castle Rock last month as well.

Injured XGames Snowmobiler Caleb Moore Dies

Sad news from the Winter X Games, as the worst fears for injured snowmobiler Caleb Moore were realized.

Read the story here

Caleb Moore

Terrible Snowmobile Crashes at XGames in Aspen, Colorado






The Moore brothers--Caleb and Colten--had talked about winning gold and silver in the snowmobile freestyle at the Winter X Games in Aspen, Colorado, but neither ended up on the medal stand Thursday night. Instead, both wound up in the hospital after serious crashes during their runs


Read full story at

Birth Rocks in Castle Rock a Total Loss After Fire

As you can see from this photo, a brand new business in Castle Rock was affected by the fire.

According to their Facebook page the business is a total loss.

"We were able to do a walk through and we have a complete or a near complete loss. We will be closed until we can rebuild. Niki and I may find a temporary office to work out of. Please stayed tuned."

"Today we are following the Restoration Crew around while they do the inventory. We will also be starting the long process of calling all our wholesale accounts to begin the rebuild process.
Where we need help today:
-Lunch for Niki and I (not sure we'll have time to run and get some)
-Admin calls, file organization, info gathering, email. We have an office out of REMAX that we can use.
-Late afternoon coffee to fuel our fire." This is the latest post on their Facebook page!/BirthRocks/posts/331382776975199


P1000055 B2

Castle Rock Fire Update

As we reported, there was a fire at 725 N. Wilcox on Friday, January 4th. We've received an update from KC Neel of Castle Rock Bike & Ski which was a total loss in the fire.

"Not much to report yet but when we have more concrete information, we will certainly pass it along. This is a great resource for letting people know what's happening. If people have questions, they can leave us a message on our phone 303-688-1722. We are picking up messages several times a day and returning calls. Thanks, KC"

Please let us know if you have any information or want to help Castle Rock Bike & Ski.

P1000055 B2

The Best New Years Fireworks Display on the Planet!

The tallest building in the world seems to like to go big!

Castle Rock Town Council Seeking to Outlaw Pot Shops


On December 11 Castle Rock Town Council became the latest municipality in Douglas County to make the move to prohibit commercial marijuana operations in town limits.


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