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7th Annual RE/MAX Holiday Boutique

2015 Larkspur Tree Lighting

Tree Lighting flier 2015

Getting the star ready for Starlighting in Castle Rock, CO

Yikes! These guys are brave! It doesn't look too high until you look at the picture below! They're getting the star all ready for the annual Starlighting ceremony on November 21st. It's a beautiful day for it in Castle Rock, CO. We may get a lot of snow next week . . . . we'll see!

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Celebrate the holidays with new Season of the Star events in Castle Rock, CO


Hot chocolate, holiday carols and twinkling lights – all signs the holiday season is upon us. Make sure your holidays are full of memories, magic and merriment with the Town’s new event series, Season of the Star.

Easter Sonrise Service

Easter Sonrise Service

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