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Live Local Webcams

Re/Max Rock Cam

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Live Rock Cam sponsored by
Tom Calhoun
Re/Max Alliance
4 21 14
Live Webcam Sponsored by
1 Clear Choice Garage Doors in the
King Soopers Center off Founders/Meadows Pkwy.
1 Clear Choice
Courtyard Cam

Courtyard 6 18 14

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About Us - Cindy Welch Design; Castle Rock Community Website and Newsletters

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Castle Rock, Colorado Community Website is an affiliate of Communites Bound, LLC, a national network of community websites designed to provide a platform for local information, interesting discussion, and unique access to the local business community. Membership to is free and we have great local information including events, our weather and traffic which is often unique to this area, local news, live webcams, and a community forum to share and discuss topics with your Castle Rock neighbors. We also want all visitors to have an active voice in the further development of the site. Tell the Community, your neighbors and political and city leaders, volunteers, non profit organization, churches, etc. about us and our forums. It is free and easy to use and a great way to get your message seen in the community.

MG 0878 re touchedThe owner of, and Castle Rock Community Newsletters Cindy Welch, has been a Castle Rock Resident since 1986. She has published community newsletters, South Castle Rock Connection, Central Castle Rock Communicator, Castle Pines Villager and Pradera Community Links, for Castle Rock communities since 1997. Cindy has watched the Town of Castle Rock explode with growth in those 25 years, but manage to maintain its small town friendliness and charm. strongly feels that a locally-owned community website is essential to the residents living here, so we are committed to providing this service. is here to provide residents with a platform to communicate, discuss, share, and to perhaps argue about the issues that affect us most; all while hopefully having fun in the process. We joined the network, because we believe it provides a local and national platform for Castle Rock residents to have their voices heard and to exchange information. We are also committed to the local business community and offer a series of forums, so customers may learn of, appreciate and grow accustomed to the many resources available from the great local merchants. Our local business partners are provided a forum to communicate their knowledge and expertise and highlight the many values and services they provide to the Castle Rock, CO Community., is a site for and about its members, and as such we value your input and suggestions. Please contact us at at anytime with your thoughts on how we can continue to improve your experience, and with your ideas as to how we may help to improve the Castle Rock, CO community.

With our most sincere thanks to you,

Cindy Welch Design and

The Castle Rock Bound staff